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Kent Smith - Ask for me, I'll be around.  Love all, serve all. 

A Word from KENT Smith

Saying "yes" has always been my mantra and my fundamental belief in hospitality.  We are here to serve our guests and we are here because of our guests.  Proud of my culinary past with a keen eye on the current; Michael and Marion's is on the leading edge of food trends in our city, community, and country.

Focus includes an unyielding search for the finest and freshest our region can provide.  Join me for clever tapas, Sunday brunch, cocktails on the patio or dinner in our award winning dining room! Private lounge, cocktail receptions and off site catering services are available upon request.

Hope you see you soon. Love all, serve all!

To call for a reservation (705)721-1188. Ask for Kent, I'll be around.


 Read more about our Executive Chef, Chris Pyne.

Read more about our Executive Chef, Chris Pyne.

A WORD FROM Chris Pyne

My journey began when I was fourteen standing behind the line for the first time working for the family business. My father owned and managed pubs and restaurants exposing me to the lifestyle since the day I was born.

After working in my father’s pub in Alberta for two years where I started learning the fundamentals of cooking I knew I was going to be a chef one day and have never looked back since.


In high school I joined the registered apprenticeship program, giving me the second semesters of my year 11 and year 12 off allowing me to work full time in the kitchen. That’s when I went to the Country Hills Golf Club in Calgary where I stayed for three seasons learning and working my way through all the sections becoming more and more comfortable in the kitchen.

It was at the age of seventeen I started at Rush and had my first taste of fine dining and being a part of a professional brigade. I was the youngest cook in the team and the restaurant had just been awarded best fine dining establishment in Calgary, leading to me putting constant pressure on myself to strive and gain the respect of my peers. Here I learned the importance of seasonality, quality and how to respect ingredients and food.

I went back to work for my dad at the pub as the Sous Chef, but given my new outlook things were bound to change. We went on to earn numerous amounts of awards and praise over the food.

I started working at Notable for Chef Michael Noble under Chef Justin Labossiere who mentored me during my three year tenure. It was also during my time at Notable I graduated from culinary program at S.A.I.T and achieved my Journeymen as well as my Red Seal certification.

I then went on to go work overseas in the United Kingdom for two years working for one and two Michelin star Chefs Anthony Demetre, Marcus Waring in London. After spending a year in the big city I decided to move to Wales for it is where I have deep family roots and ties. I accepted a job at Restaurant James Sommerin and quickly became the senior Chef De Partie and helped achieve and be a part of something special. During my time we earned a coveted Michelin for the restaurants first time and were awarded restaurant of the year.

After travelling through Europe and exploring the culture and the food scenes of Spain and France as well as the way of life in Italy I have returned back to my home province. Now at Michael & Marion’s I look forward to being able to cook fresh upscale comfort foods with a playful twist here and there that you are sure to enjoy.